Sundays  for Grades 7-12 in the Family Life Center. 

Exciting Worship, food, games and prayers. Bring your friends and join the fun!

4:30 pm: Jr. High Arrives

4:45 - 5:15 pm: Jr. High Bible Study

5:15pm: Sr. High Arrives

5:30pm: Dinner & Game

6:30pm: Jr. High Leaves

6:30pm: Sr. High Bible Study

7:00pm: Sr. High Leaves


To provide a Sunday evening meal, 

contact Patrick.

January & February 2018 Youth Newsletter

What's Inside?

  • Super Bowl Tailgate (Sunday, Feb 4th)
  • Fundraising Opportunity
  • Mid-Winter (Feb 16-18th)
  • & Much More!


Upcoming Youth Events