The Vibrant Church Initiative (VCI) launches congregations into a new way of being and doing church. It is an ongoing process for renewal that is unique to each congregation and their mission field. You can think of it as a strategic plan for the future. Bullard First United Methodist Church began the VCI process in the fall of 2016. We are excited about working together as a church family to complete the presciptions of the plan that will ultimately help us fulfill our mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

This page will provide updates and reports throughout the next 12-18 months as we work to complete the prescriptions. 


VCI Updates

VCI Completed, In Progress & Yet to be Done Items

We have seen amazing things happen in our church as a result of the VCI process. Click here to see the items we have completed, are in-progress, or are yet to be done as as June 11, 2017. 

One Board Model Vote Postponed

The church conference scheduled for June 11 has been postponed until July 23 in order to give more time to prepare by-laws and nominations in accordance with the One Board Model of Leadership. The conference will be held immediately after service on Sunday, July 23.

One Board Model of Leadership

The VCI team recommeds the church move to a One Board Model of Leadership called The Board of Stewards. The Board of Stewards would be composed of representatives from Bullard FUMC staff, lay leaders, trustees, SPRC and finance and is designed to streamline the decision making processes of the church.  A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for May 21 to answer questions from church members and a vote will be taken during a church conference after services on Sunday, June 11.


Staff Parish Relations Team announces hire of new Associate Pastor

Tammy Woodard has been named Associate Pastor for Bullard FUMC. Click Here to view the email blast annoucement. 


Church Council/VCI Meeting Tuesday, April 18

During the Church Council heard a presentation on the One Board Model of church leadership. The council decided to move forward with presenting the One Board Model to to the church for consideration. A vote must be taken during a church conference before the new model can be accepted.  Be on the lookout for church communication that explains the model and answers questions. 

 Email Blast from John Jones discussing process of One Board Model


VCI Team Meeting February 19, 2107

THe relationship between the Mission House and Clinic (MHMC)and Bullard FUMC has been established. The MHMC is a vital part of the community and supported by Bullard FUMC volunteers. As its own 501(c)3 non profit, the relationship needed to be clarified for responsibilities and actions moving forward. Pastor David send communication to all church members defining the relationship as discussed. 

Dream Cards were collected and posted. A newly formed Bell Choir is officially first dream to become reality!  Pastor Dave sent an update of results from the first Dream Team Town Hall meeting to congregation via email

Leadership Development Team- Staff Parish Relations met to review staff positions and descriptions. 

Community Relationship Development - tammy and team met and will review mission insight report on March 2.

Next meeting March 19, 5 p.m.


Town Hall Meeting Set for February 22, 2017

There will be a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, February 22 at 7:30 pm to discuss the Dream Cards and what the dreams they contain might mean to you and the future of our church. The Dream Cards, which have been on display for two weeks now in the hallway between the Sanctuary foyer and Harper Hall (aka The Hall of Dreams), will be displayed through today for you to look over. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017 

The Ministry Audit Team met on February 12, 2017. During the meeting, we reviewed each ministry area within the church, in consideration of the vision statement "Love, Grow, Serve." The audit team determined that each ministry met at least one of the categories within the vision statement.

The team also discussed needs moving forward for ensuring that existing and new committees remain aligned with the vision statement. Additionally, the encouragement of ministries toward growing in the vision statement was discussed. This completes our prescription within the VCI.

Sunday, January 15, 2017 

VCI Coach Steve Stutz meets with VCI team to discuss process going forward.

VCI teams approves the following new Vision for the church - LOVE (Luke 10:27), GROW (2 Peter 3:18), SERVE (1 Peter 4:10). Using this vision as our guide, all church programs, events, studies and so forth will align to the vision. 

Dream Cards are currently being collected through January 31. They will then be posted for the church family to view.  

Rev. Bobbie Maltas led the congregation in a powerful Service of Healing and Unity titled "Point the Way" during our Sunday morning worship. Click here to listen to the sermon online.